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Bldg 7, Room 211
By appointment -
 Google invitations will be sent to your Lab email address with your specific appointment time.

All interns must complete the following program deliverables in order to complete checkout:


General Audience Abstract

Research Paper

Peer Review

WDTS Post-Survey (CCI, SULI, VFP only)

Workforce Development & Education Surveys
All surveys are to be completed online prior to checkout.

Mentor Check-out Form
The Mentor Check-out Form must be signed by the Intern and Mentor or Associate Mentor. 

JHA & Training Requirements
Missing online courses are to be completed before checkout. 

Bring to Checkout

All participants will receive their final stipend when all program deliverables have been met.  If program deliverables are not met by the end of checkout, the final stipend will be mailed to participant when all program deliverables have been met.

For more information, contact