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Your First Day

Spring 2013 Program Dates: 16 Jan - 13 May 2013

Summer 2013 Program Dates: 3 Jun - 9 Aug 2013

Please see IISME Program Calendar (SULI, CCI, BLUR, VFP Student) for times and locations of orientation and events.

Please be at the Laboratory promptly. During the morning, we will hold an orientation, advise you of your assignments, and take care of the administrative matters associated with getting you started at the laboratory.

You will meet your mentors and start work in the afternoon.

You must bring with you:


You are eligible for onsite parking and will receive a gate pass for your first day.  You will receive a parking pass hang tag at orientation.  See directions to the Laboratory here.

There are two shuttle bus routes to the Laboratory: the Blue Route and the Orange Route. Either one will ultimately get you to your destination. There are maps showing each route and their stops, schedules, and other useful information. Be sure to read "instructions for visitors"

Tell the guard or bus driver that you are going to the Building 66 auditorium and ask for directions.

If you have trouble or get lost call the Workforce Development & Education office (486-5511)


For more information, contact